CubaDupa rebrand

A re-imagination of the brand identity
for Wellington’s annual street festival, CubaDupa.

This rebrand plays on audience-inclusive language, with an unapologetically bold visual narrative putting a fun and vibrant spin on the current CubaDupa identity. 

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Hello! I’m Sophie, and I’m a designer living in Wellington, Aotearoa. 
Feel free to get in touch with me—I’m always keen for a conversation :-)

Bachelor of Design
First Class Honours
Visual Communication Design
Massey University, Wellington

Member of the International
Society of Type Designers

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A tender epilogue for holding on

A tender epilogue for holding on is a personal publication that explores how we use everyday objects as anchors in making sense of our lives.

Through a collection of stories and memories associated with various objects passed down from my late Grandparents, this publication serves as a quiet moment of reflection into how objects we treasure can tell us as much about our own personal history and identity as they do the object’s own.

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Modus identity

Modus is an exhibition celebrating the intimate tactility of slow, handmade design processes.

The bespoke letterforms were made by assembling hand-cut shapes out of paper, with the compositions then printed using risograph processes. No two posters are the same due to the irregularity of risograph printing, reflecting the unique beauty of the slow, handmade design processes celebrated within the exhibition.

(Modus ephemera made in collaboration with Lucy Revell & Molly Warden)

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Motyf 2021 Identity

Motyf is an international typography conference with a 2021 theme of ‘Communicating Complexity’.

This theme is reflected in the intricate, bespoke 
grid system that creates the modular letterforms used in the branding.

Each letterform is revelaed when different shapes within the grid are highlighted, creating opportunities for interactive motion graphics where the logo reveals itself piece by piece. 

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No Certainty in Numbers—
The Challenger Deep Dives

A response to the 2020 International Society of Type Designers (ISTD) brief
‘the significance of numbers’.

Both expressive and strategic methods are used to tell the story of two, rival deep-sea divers. This is done through an exploration of type manipulation, pacing, and visual storytelling.

(This project received an
ISTD award & membership)

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