CubaDupa rebrand

A re-imagination of the brand identity
for Wellington’s annual street festival, CubaDupa.

This rebrand plays on audience-inclusive language, with an unapologetically bold visual narrative putting a fun and vibrant spin on the current CubaDupa identity. 

︎︎︎ Print & digital
︎︎︎ Brand identity
︎︎︎ Visual narrative


Hello! I’m Sophie, and I’m a designer living in Wellington, Aotearoa. 
Feel free to get in touch with me—I’m always keen for a conversation :-)

Bachelor of Design
First Class Honours
Visual Communication Design
Massey University, Wellington

Member of the International
Society of Type Designers

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A tender epilogue for holding on

A tender epilogue for holding on is a personal publication that explores how we use everyday objects as anchors in making sense of our lives.

Through a collection of stories and memories associated with various objects passed down from my late Grandparents, this publication serves as a quiet moment of reflection into how objects we treasure can tell us as much about our own personal history and identity as they do the object’s own.

︎︎︎ Copywriting
︎︎︎ Typography
︎︎︎ Storytelling

︎︎︎ Photography